Current turnaround time is 7 days from order to pick up/delivery
Current turnaround time is 7 days from order to pick up/delivery
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How long til my labels are ready?

Our current turnaround time is 7 days, this can increase during busy times. If you require your order sooner please get in touch with us before placing your order.

How do i choose a label size?

The first step is to measure the item you want to label, the maximum width of the word is from the first to the last letter of your word, so if you say your maximum width is 10 cms the longest word of your labels will be 10cms and your other labels will be the same height but shorter widths depending on word choice if you need any advise on this please contact us

How to apply Labels?

  • Clean the area with water or rubbing alcohol, wait til completely dry before the next step
  • Remove the clear transfer tape from backing paper, the label will be attached to the clear tape
  • Place the tape on your surface, smooth over the label with a credit card
  • Leave the transfer tape in place while you finish labeling other items
  • Peel away the clear tape at a sharp angle, if the label comes away with the tape use a credit card again to smooth and leave for a few hours.
  • Labels are not to get wet for 72 hours after applying to ensure the strong adhesive is fully cured
  • All surfaces are different and some take a bit more patience than others, if you need any help or advise please contact us

Are the labels dishwasher safe?

While the labels are waterproof they should only be hand-washed 

Are labels removable?

Yes, while the labels are permanent they can be removed without causing damage but not reused

Is Caster Sugar 1 label or 2?

The labels are priced per word so caster sugar would be 2 labels, self raising flour would be 3

Can i use more than 1 font & colour for my order?

Yes, different fonts and colours can look amazing together! this can not be ordered through the website though so please contact us via social media or email to discuss your order


All orders can be collected from us in Dubailand or can be couriered to you at a charge of 30dhs within the UAE, please contact us for a quote for international shipping.


We currently only accept cash on delivery/collection or bank transfer on international orders

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, please get in touch with us to discuss international shipping